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Stormwater Workshop Presenters:

Industrial Stormwater Workshops

ECOSS has offered this popular series of industrial stormwater management workshops since 2006. Taught by local experts, each class includes refreshed content to provide the latest updates to the stormwater permit(s), answers to your most urgent questions and information presented in an engaging format.


Workshop Offerings:

Basic Principles of Stormwater 100: Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISGP) Permit Basics (WA only) No classes until 2017

One-day course: $150 (early-bird pricing*)

What does the ISGP permit say?

This course is designed to help communicate the content of the 2015 Permit. This workshop breaks down each section of the Permit in detail so attendees gain a better understanding of its requirements. This class is ideal for folks who are new to stormwater management and/or need a full understanding of the 2015 Permit requirements.

Content includes: the history of NPDES; a breakdown of the Permit content; an overview of the Appendices; and a brief synopsis of BMPs and program development considerations.

Fundamentals of Stormwater 101: Stormwater Management Basics (WA & OR)

One-day course: $295 (early-bird pricing*)

What do I need to do to be in compliance with the ISGP/1200COLS/1200Z?

This course takes the requirements of the Permit(s) and covers the fundamental considerations that any stormwater permit program needs. This workshop communicates practical steps you need to consider in terms of level of effort, decision making and strategy to implement a cost-effective and compliant program at your facility.

Content includes: the purpose of the ISGP/1200COLS/1200Z; an overview of the Permit(s)requirements; developing a SWPPP/SWPCP; fundamentals of a Sampling Plan; considerations for an SPECP or Spill Prevention & Response Plan; the world of BMPs.

"This was one of, if not the most valuable enviro courses I have taken in my five years in the field!"
Colleen Murphy-Community Transit & workshop attendee

Fundamentals of Stormwater 101X: Stormwater Management Basics (WA only)

Two-day course: $425 (early-bird pricing*)

Same content as 101 listed above and includes field exercises: hands-on BMP application; hands-on sampling techniques; facility tour; a site inspection exercise and case studies..

Advanced Stormwater Management 201: A Case Studies Approach (WA & OR)

One-day course: $295 (early-bird pricing*)

What are the policy drivers and solutions that will be a part of my program today and in the future?

This course examines the complexity of determining solutions for your site both today and in the future. The workshop spends more time discussing the policies and stakeholders that influence our decision making. A variety of case studies are reviewed and discussed, providing examples of managing difficult stormwater issues. 

Content includes: Federal policy drivers and trends, State policy drivers; ecology and citizen group enforcement; treatment technologies and case studies.

Advanced Stormwater Management 201X: A Case Studies Approach (WA & OR)

Two-day course: $425 (early-bird pricing*)
Same content as 201 listed above and also includes site visit tours of installed treatment technologies and technology specific presentations.

Contact Ann Boyce with questions: ann@ecoss.org or 206-767-0432 ext. 1004.

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: Prices listed are for early-bird registration. Prices for all workshops increase by $50 two weeks prior to each workshop date. ECOSS reserves the right to charge a $50 surcharge for any cancelled registration within two weeks prior to a workshop.

Most workshops are transferrable; however the 201X workshop is not, and no refund is available in the last two weeks prior to this workshop due to the nature and cost of managing and developing the workshop.

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If you would prefer a different method of payment, please use the 2016 Stormwater Workshop Registration form (pdf). Click here for Oregon registration.

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Ann Boyce - ann(at)ecoss.org
John Loyd - john(at)ecoss.org

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October 12 & 13 - 2 day Advanced (201X)

November 15 & 16 - 2 day Fundamentals (101X)

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